Friday, September 4, 2009


Hardcore classic from these Lexington, KY punk heroes. I went to see these guys several times back in the day and they always put on a killer show. These single is long out of print and should be fucking heard for sure. Three hardcore throw downs here, all are pretty fast with a smitten of slow parts thrown about. Very political/scene lyrics, but not too heavy handed. Great fucking vocals by Pat Theilges and the playing here is pretty good. Sadly these dudes don't have much more music to offer, they have a comp appearance which I have somewhere, but I have misplaced it as of right now. When I find it I will add it to this post. Got to say also that the cover is amazing, one of the best pieces of John Howard's artwork(Horny Biker Slut Comics). John was kind enough to contribute a great cover to THE HOOKERS first album also. Great fucking band from the middle of fucking nowheresville. Pretty angry and nasty hardcore shit. Check this scorcher out!

1.No answer in the wind
2.Bills religion
3.Change tomorrow


  1. I saw this pic and I was like,
    "Number 69 was mine how did you get mine?" But of course this is scan of my copy. hehheh. Classic record. I want the Hookers to cover one of these songs for our next session, eh?

  2. The only thing good about that record is Disrupt on the other side lol



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