Sunday, September 13, 2009


Alright here's a true innovator of Horror and Monster rock, this man was a God as far as I'm concerned. Critics at the time and now completely pan Sutch and alot of folks still think this shit is a joke. I'm not saying some of the later stuff isn't kind of wacky but this prime era stuff is totally amazing. Sutch is the missing like between the Zacherle, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Bobby "Boris"Picket style Monster rock of the 50's to the crazy glam horror theatre that was Alice Cooper/Arthur Brown in the late 60's. Sutch would start his shows by coming out of a black coffin, also the shows included knives and daggers, skulls and "bodies", along with a wealth of other horror imagery. Sutch also did some Costume theme tours, once dressing the band in full Roman garb. Sutch took the campy aspect of Monster rock and infused it with awesome guitars and lyrics that push the bounds of good taste. Also real quick I gotta mention this classic picture(above) of Sutch meeting Jerry Lee Lewis, I'm sure the Killer was thinking,"Who the fuck is the fucking weirdo", ha ha.

Now the first album here is "The Screaming Lord Sutch Story" is a great collection of Sutch's early singles. For monster music fan's, these singles are a holy grail of horror music. There are not that many artist's that stuck with the horror formula or persona for long during this time period, but Sutch flew these colors loud and proud, pretty much until he died in 1999. This album includes all the early classics like, "Till the following night", "Dracula's daughter", "All black and hairy" and "Jack the ripper". I cant say enough about Lord Sutch or his music, this shit is the shit! You must get this NOW!

1.till the following night
2.jack the ripper and hairy
4.she's fallen in love with a monster man
5.purple people eater in black tights
7.Dracula's daughter
8.good golly miss molly
9.don't you just know it
10.I'm a hog for you baby
11.come back baby
12.the train keep-a-rollin
13.honey hush
14.bye bye baby
15.the cheat

Next up is LORD SUTCH AND HEAVY FRIENDS, this is an awesome L.P. Great fucking stuff. This lacks alot of the horror element from his early singles but this record is still demented and heavy. Of course I got to mention that this albums features some pretty famous players like Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Jeff Beck, Noel Redding and Nicky Hopkins, wow right? Despite this great line up this album still got panned and later it was even called as one of the worst albums of all time.....WRONG!!!!!!! This is a great piece of wax, with tons of energy and alot of great fucking songs. Sutch's voice sounds better than a ton of other "Talented musicians" and this record out rocks the vast majority of albums released in 1970. This is Sutch's lest horror oriented album, so if you don't like the monster rock element at least check this one out.

1. Wailing Sounds
2. 'Cause I Love You
3. Flashing Lights
4. Gutty Guitar
5. Would You Believe
6. Smoke and Fire
7. Thumping Beat
8. Union Jack Car
9. One for You, Baby
10. L-O-N-D-O-N
11. Brightest Light
12. Baby, Come Back

Last we have the "Hands of the Ripper" album, this one is a bit of a mixed bag, the cover is amazing and misleading, this really isn't a horror album. However it does include a 9 minute reworking of Sutch's classic "Jack the Ripper" re-titled as "Hands of the Ripper", but other than that this is really just Sutch bashing his way through some classic 50's covers. The high points here are"Country Club" and "Gotta keep-a-rocking", which again is a reworking of an old Sutch track called "Don't you just know it", not his best album but still a damn fun listen. The line up of the band is pretty damn impressive again, I mean Ritchie Blackmore, Keith Moon and Noel Redding that's fucking amazing. Though I think I love Blackmore enough that I could probably listen to a tape of him farting in a microphone and like it! One last piece of trivia I want to mention is that if you have ever heard the ROLLING STONES song "Get Off of My Cloud", I'm not sure how you wouldn't have but, the guy who shows up "All dressed up just like a Union Jack", well guess who there talking about.

1. Gotta Keep A-Rocking
2. Roll Over Beethoven
3. Country Club
4. Hands of Jack the Ripper
5. Good Golly Miss Molly
6. Great Balls of Fire
7.Bye Bye Johnny/Johnny B. Goode
8. Tutti Frutti Medley


  1. Oh man. Thanks a million. I never got this shit on CD and my Lord Sutch vinyl is beat to shit. Made my day. Official Monster Raving Loony Party members unite.

  2. I have the first and 3rd record, but not the middle one...and none on CD (obviously) so these are super-appreciated! WHoooooooooo!
    Viva Le Official Monster Raving Loony Party!

  3. It's a real crime that this guy has EVER been linked to anything labeled, "Worst of all time." The footage of him doing "Hands of the Ripper" on youtube that you sent me is the craziest shit ever. All Raving Loony Party members need to check it out!

  4. Amen brothers, I wish everyone felt the same way we do about Lord Sutch. Hail all monster raving loony parties members!

  5. this shit is must have, you cannot like rock n roll and not have this

  6. It's that time of year. Thanks!!!



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