Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First let me say this is my all time favorite horror movie, I'm sure of plenty of you don't agree but I don't care. This movie had a profound effect on me and very well may have changed my life forever. After this film I got really into punk and metal, developed a crush on Linnea Quigley that sometimes bordered on Psychotic if not extreme and watched every zombie movie I could get my hands on. My mom actually let me go to the theatre and see this at the tender age of maybe 9 or 10 and by myself no less. To this day I will watch any piece of crap Linnea or Jewel Shepard even have a cameo in. Also the character "Suicide" was very important to me and later in life I found myself relating to him in the weirdest ways, I was the only one of my friends with a car and also the most enveloped and obsessed with punk. None of them really liked me they just needed a ride. In the movie he is kind of over the top ridiculous, but somehow he really hit home to me. The scene where he says "you think this is just a costume, this is a way of life", nothing could say it better than that statement. Now that I'm in my 30's and all my old friends are cranking out kids like Disney cranks out animation, I find my self feeling the same fucking way, they just needed a ride. Of course now that I live in Louisville, Ky, I do get a big kick out of seeing them blow it all to hell at the end. All that aside, on a basic level this movie is damn amazing even by today's standards, the f/x are great, the music is killer and the dialogue is some of the best ever put to paper in my opinion. Over the years this little horror flick has amassed a more than huge cult following, I would say that it is starting to rival Rocky Horror, and justly I might say. I can repeat this dialogue from start to finish, most of it without even playing the movie. Anyway here's the killer soundtrack with all the great music from the movie and the best of the dialogue. There is a great bootleg version of the film out there that has most of the edited footage added, including the extended ending, classic! Hunt that shit down if you love this movie, it will make your fucking day. As of midnight tonight this is the beginning of MONSTER MONTH for me and I am planing on putting up a horror related item everyday this month, don't worry I will still post some metal and punk. But it is October after all.
Tonight we make love till we die!


  1. Cranking out kids like Disney cranks out animation???? Hmmmmmmmmmm.......

  2. Fuck I love this movie as well - god I used to rent this damn movie at least once a month til I finally got a copy of my own. This movie was where my Roky Erickson obsession began (and then GG & Merle furthered my obsession sometime in early 93 when they both told me I HAD to have "Casting the Runes" and Merle sent me a cassette with that on one side and Charles Manson's "Commemoration" on the other a couple of weeks later and my obsession with it has yet to end, but that's another story). Great movie, I used to lie and tell all of my very naive friends that it was actually based on a real story, that it happened long, long ago (in the 20's or so) and that they only blew a portion of Louisville up and then the government kept it secret all these years. Oh the amazing shit I could pull out of my ass back then. I probably don't enjoy this soundtrack as much as you do, but a lot of others might and it might even begin some more great Roky obsessions, just like mine so many years ago...."burn the flames....higher and higher and higher" - "Hellishly, hellish, hell"......great post man.

    and oh yeah, congrats to all the other proud parents, but thank god I haven't squirted any little shits out yet (crosses fingers)......

  3. Yeah thats alot of kids, Noel Im looking at you! Just kidding bro, you still got my respect!

  4. ROTLD is in my top 10 favorites and I own almost every edition. This looks cool as hell so it has become a must own!

  5. One of the greatest Movies ever; This is Some Favor you have done for us GOODNIGHT WHATEVER YOU ARE!

    You must like This Job!

  6. I saw this movie at the Bel Air Drive In in Detroit back in '84. The movie was life changing and I did the same thing you did by getting into those fun great bands. I think Reanimator comes close but nothing can touch this classic!



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