Friday, October 2, 2009


Here is the ultimate Halloween classic, I have been meaning to get this one out of the way for quite sometime now. If you haven't heard it, get it now and if you have you already know what awesome monster music that it holds. This record has been ripped off and re-recorded a million times but this is the original. The title track here is pretty over played at this point but there are plenty of other classic horror tracks here, my favorites are probably "Sinister Stomp" and "Monster Motion" . Get this now for Halloween!

1. Monster Mash
2. Rabian-The Fiendage Idol
3. Blood Bank Blues
4. Graveyard Shift
5. Skully Gully
6. Wolfbane
7. Monster Minuet
8. Transylvania Twist
9. Sinister Stomp
10. Me & My Mummy
11. Monster Motion
12. Monster Mash Party
13. Irresistible Igor
14. Bella's Bash
15. Let's Fly Away
16. Monster's Holiday


  1. But that's the PROBLEM with Monster Mash... it has been re-recorded so many times, to the point that who knows which is the first or best version when they hear it? i THINK I know which one should be the 'definitive' version.. not sure, tho. Thanks for sharing the 'genuine article'; glad I found it just in time for Halloween!

  2. I aggree it has been done to death and people are still covering it, hell the MISFITS did it a few years back even, it's a shame really, because it takes away from the greatness of the original.. But at the same time it lead to so much great horror related music that I cant bitch to much.

  3. I was surprised to learn that even Bobby Pickett re-recorded the song himself at least once. I have the original. It's not stereo. Bobby's voice is in the right speakers and the doowaa people are in the left. The easiest way to tell a remake is on the "Vatever habened to my Transylvannia Tvist" part. For some reason, no one can closely imitate the original on that part, despite decent imitations of Bobby's Boris voice.

  4. Your totally right about bobby re-recording it,let alone the amount of knock off songs he did. I have the monster mash single, which I should upload, to show the difference. This version is remastered also I believe.

  5. This is fucking fantastic, the musicianship on this recording is amazing.



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