Saturday, October 24, 2009


Here's some great primitive rock 'n' roll weirdness for you. I first got turned on to Jack Starr from listening to ANTiSEEN's "Eat more Possum" album (at least I think its the same Jack Starr) and then I found this compilation and have beena fan eve r since. Really cool stuff, maybe a little much for everybody, but classic none the less. Another great monster record!
1.Crazy Rock
2.My Love For You Is Petri-fied
3.Come On
4.Born Bad
5.You Only Live Once
6.Done Away With The Mean Old Blues
7.Patty McCrombie
8.Sweet Chick
9.Rumble At Flagpole Hill
10.Halloween Party
11.Constellation of a Fool
12.I Love My Baby
13.My Baby Don't Care
14.I Need Your Luven
15.Our Favorite Recording Sessions
16.Beat Doll
17.Godzilla We Love You
18.Love Me Today
19.Show Me What You Do


  1. this looks great, i'll get back to you after i hear it!...

  2. I only have one or 2 7"'s....awesome!

  3. he is one of the weirdest n greatest ive ever known...
    yes it is the very same Jack Starr that hung out w/Antiseen. I believe the song he wrote 4 them was Masteres of the Sky.Look on youtube, he's on there.

  4. Jack came to my studio in 1989 with a big box of tapes which were eventually turned into this LP.
    He had very little money to spend, but because he was so interesting and innocent to the business I decided to do the work for him for next to no money.
    He also had the tapes with the heavy-metal guys he toured with, but that wasn't very interesting to listen to.
    I was working with the Dallas based band Lord Tracy at the time and they heard Jack's stuff The band and I briefly discussed doing a proper record with Jack. As it turned out their record on MCA had a minor hit and we got too busy touring. It would have been fun. I was very careful not to get Jack's hopes up because I knew he was still passionately in love with his songs and the concept. He still wanted to record everything again and the concept still had legs in his mind even after 25 years.
    He died of lung cancer I think and I do recall him smoking A LOT of cigarettes. R.I.P. Jack.



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