Sunday, October 11, 2009


Here's a little heavy rock for you guys, this is a great band. This record is pretty heavy and just kind of grungy and sleazy. This vocals are bikerish and rough at times, sort of like STEPPINWOLF and the music is heavy blues with a Sabbathy touch. Interestingly enough they used the same artist on their first album that SABBATH did. A great cover I might add. Also sharing SABBATH's flirtation with black magic and evil, they were said to put on quite a live show at the time. This is their second album and never officially released. Its amazing when gems like this just get sweep under the rug. There's a lot of shit going on on this album, so repeat listens are a must. I included the first album here too, it's a little more jam/hippie rock type stuff, but still there are some very heavy moments and a lot of great songs.
Zior-Every inch a man
1. Entrance Of The Devil
2. Chicago Spine
3. Have You Heard The Wind Spear
4. Time Is The Reason
5. She'll Take You Down
6. Dudi Judy
7. Strange Kind Of Magic
8. Ride Me Baby
9. Evolution
10. Every Inch A Man
11. Cat's Eyes
12. Suspended Animation
13.Angel of the Highway

1. I Really Do
2. Za Za Za Za Zilda
3. Loves Desire
4. New Land
5. Now I'm Sad
6. Give Me Love
7. Quabala
8. Oh Maria
9. Your Life Will Burn
10. I Was Fooling
11. Before My Eyes Go Blind
12. Rolling Thunder
13. Dudi Judy [Bonus]
14. Evolution [Bonus]
15. Cat's Eye [Bonus]
16. Strange Kind Of Magic [Bonus]
17. Ride Me Baby [Bonus]

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