Saturday, October 17, 2009


For today's Halloween post here's a couple of weird ones by the fabulous Creed Taylor Orchestra. Don't worry punks and metal heads, I got a lot of new stuff to post for you Sunday, I have just been so busy working that I have barely been making my daily post of horror shit. Anyway very strange stuff here. These two classics are actually the work of Kenyon Hopkins, who has worked with tons of people, just look at his Wiki page. I also have the killer Lilith soundtrack he did, nothing short of awesome. I love the sound effects they use on some of the tracks, there are even a few jump scares. The voices are also pretty funny. Over all there is a weird sense of humour to both these records that I just cant explain. Of course I think both of these covers are totally rad, especially the Panic cover. This may be a little mellow for some of you but it makes great background sound for any creepy occasion. There is a third one of these that I don't have called "Nightmare" I think, if anyone has it let me know. Don't dare listen to this alone..Enjoy!
1. Heart Beat
2. The Crank
3. Gloomy Sunday
4. The Secret
5. Jungle Fever
6. The Long Walk
7. Haunted House
8. Spellbound
9. In Bedlam
10.Time Runs Out
11.High On A Windy Hill
12.So Peaceful In The Country
1.Your driving me crazy
2.The prison break
3.The operation
4.Wreck of old '97
5.Out of this world
6.Lion act
9.Alpine honeymoon
10.A shot in the dark
11.The fastest gun
12.No smoking


  1. Hi. Any chance for re-up?. Hard to find. Cheers.



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