Sunday, October 18, 2009


Here's a request I got from my new friend fangbang , glad I could help you out, hope you enjoy it. Its a great record and one of the best covers ever, the back is even better. A ton of very classy sound effects. This is a great Halloween addition for any monster fiend. Got any more requests let me know. Top notch stuff, get it!


  1. now your taking requests,
    whats next?
    -theodore the necrovore

  2. First off..Let me just say a huge thankyou for posting my request. Ask and-you will never return!haha. It really made my night cause I lost at the Casino here and when I got home I couldn't wait to see what you had posted tonite and when I saw that cover..well, I just couldn't believe it. Now, I feel a little guilty(judging by the comment above)that you took my request..theodore sounds a little jealous! Anyway,that is a really cool cover with that dayglow two tone green drippy title.I'm sure everyone would agree with that. The more I look at it the more I see.Noticed you changed your text to match too. Cool. Thanks a lot goodnight whatever you are.

  3. Adam ALWAYS aims to please! This cover is almost exactly what I wanted "Satan's Highway" to look like. Well, you see how that went. But, anyway.....

  4. thanx, i have this vinyl but now i don't have to burn it, hee-hee!...

  5. Have this on vinyl at my parents old house, but is unplayable these days. A big thanks for sharing this and all the other hard to find gems you have here. Well done! :clap:



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