Thursday, October 15, 2009


This one is pretty funny, mostly classic tunes with the lyrics adapted to fit the Horror motif. Very fun little record, lots of surf and hot rod type stuff played by true studio professionals. There are few real gems here for sure. Every other song is an instrumental, but on some of the tracks with vocals, they go for the classic Bobby "Boris" Pickett style of Karloff worship. I personally loved "Little old lady from Transylvania", "Be true to your Ghoul" and "Bela be good". Its hard to believe that Capitol Records ever put this out, but I guess those were just better times. Great stuff! BTW I have been racing to beat my new friend Pro.Grewbeard at Magic Carpet Burn to post every known monster record in the universe and thankfully before he could win, we have decided to work together. So if I see he has posted something I wanted to post, I will direct you guys to his page and he will do the same for me. More Monster music for everyone..Enjoy.
1. Dracula’s Deuce
2. Dracula’s Theme
3. Little Old Lady from Transylvania
4. Weird Wolf
5. Be True to Your Ghoul
6. Shake, Rattle and Rot
7. Monsterbilly Heaven
8. Blood and Butter
9. The Graveyard Shift
10. Voo Doo Juice
11. Bela Be Good
12. Coffin Nails

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