Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Amazing record by this virtually unknown French entity. I don't know to much about these guys, but this record is top notch stuff. To me this is as good as France's classic TRUST and just about as good as most of the English stuff that was coming out at the time. Very well played and very well written material. I really wonder what happened here, these dudes seem prime for the big time. Of course this album is in French but, shit that still doesn't effect the listening experience. Formed in 80, they put out three albums, I still need the first....Anybody? After their third album, guitarist Herve Raynal left the band and they changed their name to PINK ROSE for an album before calling it quits. These guys sometimes remind me of a French version of America's RIOT or Austrailia's HEAVEN and I fucking love both those bands! This is a killer record for classic metal fans..Enjoy!
1.Gang des saigneurs
2.Guerrier de la nuit
3.Trans Europe express
4.Coeur de la Ville
5.Lumières de la ville
6.Sunset boulevard
7.Rock suicide
8.La mer du silence
9.I'll hate you forever
10.I'm not so blind

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