Sunday, October 4, 2009


Certainly a strange one here. I have seen it listed as NWOBHM and they surely look the part, what with that totally lame name and terrible cover, one of them almost looks like he has down syndrome or some other crazy shit. But this has a lot more in common with English punk. There is little to no metal on this single, maybe some rock, but mostly punk sounds. Every song on this is different, one of them is even a little funky and one sounds like old Bruce Springsteen, for fucks sake! Who did these guys think they were appealing to anyway? Despite all that, I did like it. Some of the lyrics are pretty cool and each song is kind of catchy. Di they make a conscious decision to all sport mustache's? Ha Ha, not a bad single at all though and sort of original. Give it spin and see what you think.
1.give me a smile
2.tales for a tune
4.excitement overflow

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