Tuesday, October 13, 2009


More Killer Heavy Rock today. This time we got Germany's MCCHURCH SOUNDROOM, totally obscure stuff for sure, I don't really know much about this record, but it's Fucking Jammed out and heavy. Very JETHRO TULL in parts, I cant lie, there are some flutes, but also as mellow Psych as THE DOORS sometimes. This makes for some really good dope smoking music. All the tracks here are good, maybe they could have trimmed that drum solo a little bit in "Dreams of a Drummer", but otherwise this is a strong and mature effort by such an unknown band. This is their only album, which is surprising considering the music here. Of course I have to say that this cover is totally fucking amazing and it's the reason I checked out this album in the first place. What an obvious but incredible idea. Let's hope somewhere that there are some lost recordings that these guys can churn out. Great shit!
1. Delusion
2. Dream Of A Drummer
3. Time Is Flying
4. What Are You Doin'
5. Trouble Part 1
6. Trouble Part 2

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