Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Here's some great Brazilian madness for you. I rarely step out of the eighties when it comes to metal, its not that I wont listen to newer stuff (I spent the last 2 weeks burning out the new IMMORTAL), It just seems like the metal records that really move me are from that time period, same with punk. Partly I think its due to the energy and innocence of the music. After Death metal came along, something seemed to be missing from metal, I think it might have been the word Heavy? Ha ha, anyway here's a good one from the 90's, my good friend and amazing artist Josh McAlear turned me onto this a few months ago, we trade a lot of music and he sprang this little gem on me and I almost shit my brain. Accurately describing this record isn't easy, lead by striking female vocalist Lullaby, it's kind of goth, kind of death, kind of black, kind of doom and kind of just weird as hell and that doesn't even begin give you an good idea how strange this is. This chicks vocals are just completely crazy and absolutely awesome, totally not for everyone though. I could see plenty of people not digging this at all, but I fucking love it. Reminds me of THORRS HAMMER or a darker, more death BETHLEHEM. Unbelievably different and darkly satanic, oh yeah and a lot of fun. Also check out this chicks really weird videos on YouTube, bonkers stuff!
1.Shout Of The Death
2.My Master Lucifer
3.You Liar
4.Welcome Lucifer
7.In The Name Of The Devil
8.Supreme Majesty
9.Symphony Of The Death
Check out Josh McAlear's killer artwork here!


  1. I appreciate the link Adam! This chick is fucked for sure. You get the Pokolgep I sent you?

  2. Oh yeah that shit was amazing!
    thanks as always



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