Friday, October 23, 2009


I was talking to my good friend Stoney about stuff like this just the other day, so now I'm posting a little of it. This is kind of folksy, but the subject matter really makes this essential. Gitter's voice is good for this type thing and he really pulls out some classic material here. Lots of great public domain folk tracks full creepy little tales. When I first heard this I was really happy because I had heard the song "Skin and Bones" before, not this version but the version that is sung by the old lady in the woods in the 1975 movie "Lemora: A child's tale of the supernatural", a movie that I am a little obsessed with at this point. That version was beyond creepy, so when I heard this I was totally psyched. This one just got a little press in the latest issue of Rue Morgue magazine (which I love), so if any of you read that I'm sure you'll want to get this. There are several other great Halloween records mentioned so I think its a must read situation regardless. They even mention the old Scar Stuff blog, very cool. Also this has a killer Charles Addams cover, you cant beat that...Enjoy!
1.Anne Boleyn
2.The Pahntom stogecoach
3.Skin and Bones
4.The unquite Grave
5.Finnigans wake
6.Sweet Williams Ghost
7.The flying Dutchman
8.The Suffolk Miracle
9.Miss Baileys Ghost
10.The Reapers Ghost
11.The Lady Gay
12.Lost Jimmy Whelan


  1. thanx for this, this is one i didn't grab from Scarstuff back in the day...

    wanna see something funny?-

  2. What happened to tracks 11 & 12?



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