Saturday, October 31, 2009


OK boils and ghouls, this is it . The final GWYA comp of October. I'm already working on number 6 and should have it done in a week or two. So enjoy this one, it's a damn good one with tons more obscure monster classics. Dammit I love this music! Take a listen and to all the friends I have made here and all the old ones I have reconnected with....Happy Halloween!!!
1.Jan August-The Naughty Ghost
2.Ray Stevens-Laughing over my Grave
3.Danny Hutton-Monster shindig
4.The Monotones-Zombi
5.Bill Buchanan-The night before Halloween
6.Jill Whitney-My Friend the Ghost
7.Cyril Smith- Her Head tucked underneath her arm
8.Eddie Noack- Delores
9.Lalo Shifrin and his Orchestra-The Haunting
10.Sharkey Todd and his Monsters-The Cool Gool
11.Roy Clark-Spooky Movies
12.Sammy Kaye Orchestra-Theme From the Night Walker
13.Bobby Blue Bland-Woke up Screaming
14.Batman Label Single-Look out for the Batman
15.Stanley Holloway-Sweeny Todd the Barber
16.Hans Conreid & Alice Pearce-The Dracula Trot
17.Princes band-Spooky Spooks
18.Eddie and the Monsters-Whatever Happened to Eddie?
19.Don Cherry-Big Bad Wolf
20.Screaming Lord Sutch-Murder In the Grave Yard
21.Don Hinson and his Rigormorticians-The Monster Swim
22.The Liver Pool Five-The Snake
23.Charlie Spivak-Inner Sanctum
24.Earl Fullers Rector Novelty Orchestra-Graveyard Blues
25.The Munsters-The Munster creep
26.Dick Jacobs & his Orchestra-Monster Attacks From Creature from the Black Lagoon
27.Hans Conreid & Alice Pearce-(I'm in love) withe the Creature from the Black Lagoon
28.Gene Moss and the Monsters-Ghoul Days
29.The Munsters-You created a Monster
30.The Christmas Party Players & Orchestra-Monster Christmas Mash
Goodnight Whatever You Are Volume Five Part 1
Goodnight Whatever You Are Volume Five Part 2


  1. Hope your Halloween was was like the "dancing undead" at a Halloween wedding I went to...probably because they don't have music like you have here....and who has a wedding on Halloween without the graveyard! Going out again since there's the extra hour.haha. Happy Halloween!

  2. hey man, I sure wish I'd found this site before today, lol. I had to go back and find my Ghouls With Attitude and Doo Wop Halloween CDs to enjoy the season, but I was surely missing a lot from a few years ago. you definitely did an amazing job with those Goodnight Comps, fantastic! I've been downloading so many albums off your blog here today, awesoms shit!!! I'd been looking for a copy of that Wade Denning/Kay Lande Halloween album forever! I keep looking out for a vinyl copy on ebay but there's a lot more pricks out there these days that want top dollar for those great old albums. I'm always on the lookout for Disney's Haunted Mansion album if you have any idea where someone might have that. Anyhow, thanks for makin this stuff available man, I'm definitely vintage Halloween obsessed! Cheers!


  3. I think might be my favorite one....

  4. Gravedigger Grimm...friend, you can buy the cd complete with the artwork on a enhanced cd at Wal-Mart.I was going to buy it but I already have a mint Disney Haunted Mansion lp.(not to rub it in)haha. This must be new this year.If you don't already have it,you could hurry and still buy it for a cheap $9.I might go buy it for myself too. Good luck.Fang

  5. Hope you don't mind me giving that info out in the previous post GNWYA!Just trying to do a favor.Some blogger's can get really pissed off with some of the comments.I went to WM today and they already packed up all the Halloween CD's anyway.Damn I wanted that KISS M&M box.The candy cost too much,but I wanted that box for some stupid reason!Wonder what they did with all those left over M&M's? Anyway,this Vol was equally as good as Vol 1 easily my two favs.Can't wait for Vol 6!No hurry...just looking forward to it too.With all this great music you put was a huge explosion(every sense) before the day after Halloween!haha.Thanks so much.

  6. Fangbang, no worries, glad someone is helping out someone else. Thats the reason I do this blog, so sharing is cool with me. Glad you dug the volume, its one of my favorites too. Thanks for all your great comments..Adam

  7. You rule! This one'll have to wait to be featured at next year's Hallowe'en dance party.

  8. Another fantastic compilation. Nice blog too. Thanks!



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