Sunday, September 27, 2009


This one is pretty funny, the vocals here are over the top and that's what drew my attention in the first place. This record is a heavy but kind of Glam proposition. Almost all heavy metal stereotypes are present, screaming vocals, acoustic interludes, sub moronic lyrics and some uber flashy guitar solo's and I don't mean any of that in a bad way. I think this is a very catchy, if neanderthal record. Sometimes there is a AC/DC kind of vibe happening, maybe more in a KROKUS vein, but you get the point. Also maybe a hint of ACCEPT. This is the only album that I have by them, I have read there is another one called "Rock 'n' Roll Salvation", but so far I haven't heard it. I don't think they put out any singles either. This is fun metal record for sure, so give it a listen already!
1.Forgotten Child
2.Street Kids
3.On The Run
4.It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
5.We're Sorry
7.Skid Row Star
8.Movin' On
9.Buckwheats Boogie


  1. This is a new favorite. I'm gonna listen to it all day! Thanks!!

  2. I like Buckwheat's boogie, which has gotta be a tribute to BOC's "Buck's Boogie".

  3. hey burnie,this is david thomson.hope you guys are well.trying to get intouch so we can catch email is give me a shout!peace.



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