Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SATAN - DEMOS 1981 & 1982 (UK)

Here are two fucking scorching demos by NWOBHM legends SATAN. Formed way back in 1979 in Newcastle. This band has featured members from such bands as MYTHRA, BLITZKRIEG, TYSONDOG, AVENGER and SARACEN. Practically English royalty right! The first demo here is the first real studio material the band committed to tape and its on fire. These tracks are surprisingly heavy and dark for the time. One of the best demo's I have heard from 81. The track "Executioner" is especially abrasive and tough. The opening riff really surprised me. Each track follows basically the same rocking path to total metal! Two of these songs "Kiss of Death" and "Head's will Roll" appeared on their first single Fans of HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, AVENGER, CLOVEN HOOF, VENOM, take note!
Steve Ramsey (G)Russ Tippins (G)Graeme English (B)Andy Reed (D)Trevor Robinson (V)
1.Kiss of Death
2.Heads Will Roll
4.The Executioner
Next we got the "Into The Fire" demo. These guys are a little more polished this time around, but still a very heavy record. This demo features a different line up than the previous demo and in fact most of the recordings these fellows did feature different lineups. The song writing is much more mature this time around, but there is some energy missing. The music on this reminds me a little of early MERCYFUL FATE, but with out the crazy King Diamond vocals.
This is damn good stuff don't get me wrong. Most bands would have killed to make a demo this good in 82, but Its just not as great as their first one. Amazing stuff check it out.
Steve Ramsey (G)Russ Tippins (G)Graeme English (B)Ian Swift (V)Ian McCormack (D)
1.Into the Fire
2.Trial by Fire
3.Blades of Steel
4.No Turning Back
5.Break Free
6.Pull the Trigger
7.The Ritual

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