Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is such a rocking single, almost punk even and what a great cover too, I don't understand it exactly but I love it. Is that a severed shrunken head? It's certainly not a Boll weevil. This one sounds pretty good to, one of the rough but awesome type recordings. This sort of reminds me a bit of HIGH TREASON at times. The first track here is "Rock Solid", A great straight up rocker, fast paced and energetic as hell. I love the slightly out of tune guitar leads on this one and the vocals are pretty raw. I love the rock 'n' roll style lyrics too. This one is a true gem. The next track here is "Sands of time", this one starts out like a ballad but progresses into a very up beat and again almost punk affair. Another catchy piece of garage metal. There's really some very amateurish about this single and thats what makes it so appealing, great fucking stuff. Yet another band that I just wonder what might have been, if they had only lasted long enough.
1.Rock solid
2.Sands of time

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  1. This is great! Also, that guitar tone is what I get when I plug directly into my tascam 4 track!



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