Sunday, September 13, 2009


Proto punk biker madness abound, here's a great heavy rock record, that you don't hear much about. Ohio's RAVEN is just one on a long list of unearthed 70's obscurities that must be heard. Great vocals here and lyrics, most of these tracks exude bad attitude and unhappiness. This feels drugged out but not psychedelic. The angry biker vibe is all over this also, with the bad language, drug reverence's and general unhappiness, that stains this album top to bottom. The first track is a doomy drag through some pissed downer lyrics and great solo's, leading right into the next track "Raven Mad Jam" that's more of the same, just a little meaner. This track eventually transforms into an acoustic jam. That's cool, if unexpected. I dig the weird drums in the back ground alot. Next we got the more subdued "Don't you feel it", a little more hippie rock vibe here, but still abrasive. The next one is the same thing, less abrasive and more rock, OK though. That brings us to our title track "Back to Ohio Blues". This one is a very doomy blues number with great lyrics and solo's. This sounds so desperate at times, that there is no wonder left if they are serious. This track is totally fucked blues clocking in at 13 minutes and 10 seconds, this one may try your Patience, but if you are in the right mood, it's a real killer. Great stuff!
1.can't you see
2.raven mad jam
3.don't you feel it
4.war with your souls
5.back to ohio blues

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  1. Ah, thank ye, thank ye. Just my kind of record.



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