Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Wow, here are two great, if not completely different albums involving Halloween record mastermind Wade Denning. The first one is your typical Halloween offering in a way, starting off with yet another version of "Monster mash" and then going straight into sound effects and other weird story shit. This isn't your usual sound effect stuff though, this one is very creative and somewhat frightening and extreme at times even. The little story parts are very cool, very well done and make this album come alive. Overall this is one of the best albums of it's type. I have a ton of these sound effect Halloween albums and this one really stands out and holy fuck what an amazing cover!

1.The Monster Mash
2.The Werewolf Attacks
3.Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde
4.Frankenstein Returns
5.Jack The Ripper
6.King Kong
7.Cound Dracula
8.The Headless Horseman
9.The Mummy's Revenge
10.Phantom Of The Opera
11.Buried Alive
12.Burned At The Seake
13.The Exorcism
14.Incredible Giant Crab
15.Victims Of The Guillotine
16.Curse Of The Zombies
17.Keel Hauled
18.The Torture Chamber
19.The Blob
20.The Nightmare Of Lost Souls
Next we have one of my absolute favorite Halloween albums. This time around Wade is joined by Kay Lande and some eerie kids too. Kay lends the the adult female vocals to the masterpiece. Kind of more like a teacher leading her students, than a singer. Unlike Sounds of Terror, this is actually full of fun little songs that are painfully catchy. If I even listen to two seconds of this record, I will be singing it all day in my head. I cant begin to describe how much this record means to me or how many times I have played it. Total overload! The best songs here have to be "The Pumpkin tells" "Guess what I am" "Halloween dance" and "Witch's stew", fucking incredible! Also the way they incorporate classic tunes into this monster mess is just killer. If you even remotely like this kind of stuff or you like kids records, you have to hear this one. One of the best and one of a kind!

2.The Pumpkin Tells
3.A Weird Happening
4.The Strange Three
5.Guess What I am
6.Halloween Dance
7.She's Stuck on a Broomstick
8.Lil' Orphan Annie
9.Witch's Stew
10.Pass the Witch's Broomstick


  1. Sounds Of Terror was my favorite record when I was a kid(or was it Spiderman with rock music). Buried Alive shook me to my core.

  2. Love these old Halloween lps. Always play them during Halloween which is naturally my most treasured holiday & the only holiday I celebrate. Thanks for posting this because I'll be enjoying it.

  3. Sounds of Terror is a bloody classic!! It's probably a bit OTT for kids but this is so well put together.... definately one of the best Halloween LP's. Love the way he say's Jack....... THE RIPPER!!!!! Brill!!!!

    I'd also recommend Wade Denning's, "Famous Ghost Stories with Scary Sounds".

  4. I've got that Sounds of Terror LP! Can't wait to hear the other one!

  5. Ah excellent -- now I have a place to send folks when they hit me up on Scar Stuff about these files. Thanks, sir!

    (& great stuff all over the place on here too -- from Cuddly Toys to Goblin!)

  6. Thanks for these GNWYA. The first here reminds me of an old lp I have.I would love to get it to you if I knew how.I don't have a vinyl converter. It's called "Ghostly Sounds"..a perfect party record..not for the very young. a Peter Pan record..has a killer cover of a cool ghoul Vampire and really cool haunted house.Unfortunately,some kid put DelMonte banana stickers on the back.I lleft them on it.hahaMaybe I could make a video sound recording of it? The nights approaching Happy Halloween.

  7. Wow! I'm 37 and the H A L L O W E E N song has been on my mind for years now that my kids are old enough to learn it. My Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Hoffman played it for us and that song has stayed with me ever since. Thanks for making my search so easy and finally attainable!

  8. I know I'm late to the party here but could I get you to reupload these? I've been looking for both of them for years now and have only just now found this blog post.

  9. I know!!!! I got all excited and the links are dead. Waaaa :(

  10. And the links are still dead. Please re-up these.




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