Thursday, September 17, 2009


A couple of great first wave thrash records for you today by Germany's BACKWATER. I got these records from my good friend Marcus from Germany about a year ago. I had the second one on CD already, but I didn't have the first one or either on vinyl. Thanks Marcus! Both of these are really killer beer drinking German thrash metal, very energetic and fun stuff. Thrash with a Rock 'n' Roll attitude. The first one is more in the VENOM mold, but the second shows the band in a little more of a serious thrash/speed direction. If you dig MOTORHEAD, VENOM, ATOMKRAFT, BULLDOZER or WARFARE this should definitely appeal to you. Two great fucking thrashers!REVELATION
1. Dirty Pigs
2. Too Much Alcohol
3. Bad Choice
4. The Black Knight And The Holy Sword
5. Hell-Cat
6. Shut Up And Love
7. Witchchaser
8. Rock Hard
9. The Creed

1. Backwater
2. Cry Out
3. Ballad Of Dying
4. Nuclear War
5. Touch Of The Avenue
6. Vicious
7. Green-Eyed Woman
8. Smokin' Drinkin'
9. Backwater Part 2

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  1. these 2 albums are so great
    thank you adam



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