Friday, September 4, 2009


Another great early metal offering, this is more on the rock side of things and even has some wah wah pedal action happening. Formed in 1980, Newcastle's BADGE only put out this one single. The a-side "Silver Woman" is the best of the two tracks here. It start out pretty straight forward but changes thing up after a bit to a heavy/weird keyboard part, which is kind of pointless, but its one of the things that caught my ear about this one in the first place. Next is the b-side "Something I've Lost" is a slower ballad-Esq track, not bad but no match for the A-side for sure. The playing here is good and the vocals and solo's are very solid. This is well worth your time just for the first track and you might even like the b-side too.
1.Silver Woman
2.Something I've Lost

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    Six more tracks by this great NWOBHM band!



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