Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Formed in 1979 and split sometime after 1981, this U.S. obscurity features a pre-CARNIVORE Peter Steele and other members of CARNIVORE, AGNOSTIC FRONT, AGGRESSION and ORIGINAL SIN. Don't let that confuse you though, this is straight up classic metal. At first I really thought the keyboards were just too much, but now after repeat listens I think they fucking rule, their cheesy as hell but they rule. This is pretty straight forward shit and Mr.Steele's vocals are awesome, however this lacks some of the sheer hatred of CARNIVORE, but the sleazy element is still intact. First up is the song "Rock hard",its a total classic and like I said before the keyboard is so cheap and cheesy that its almost shocking, this one also has a weird SABBATH type ballad break down in it for some reason, pretty damn great I must say. Next is the b-side "Batteries not included", though not as immediately awesome as the a-side, it's still a good track that actually hints at some of the TYPE O NEGATIVE sound, then it kicks into a more metal jam with some cool solo parts and back down to low gear.I just got to say that I fucking love this cover, what a great idea, tits and gasmasks, can it be that simple? A great single for sure, check it out.
1.rock hard
2.batteries not included


  1. this is a great record! i downloaded this a few years back. i listened to it for about a year or so before i realized that it was Peter Steele and Josh Silver from Type O Negative! great weirdo keyboard punk rock! i wish i could get my hands on this one!

  2. Oh yeah, this one is so fucking killer. I would love to have an original copy of this. There are supposedly other Fallout songs out there but I've looked and looked and never found 'em. Forget the titles, but I've heard of about 5 more tracks and one of them is supposed to be amazing. The first Carnivore is my favorite extreme metal album (or whatever kind of metal you would classify it as, it's pretty unique actually-Mad Max Metal maybe?), just maybe of all time. Retaliation is good, but I never found it in the same league of greatness as their debut.

  3. haha! this is aewsome, i see what you mean about the keyboards... like some cheesey prog band has been spliced with a bunch of metal heads, but it works! in fact it rocks! hard! :D



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