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Formed in Santa Rosa, California way back in 1981, These dudes were kicking around for awhile before putting anything out and honestly I cant understand how they could have been anymore primal and destructive, a good 4 years before the demos I'm posting here. This is garage thrash at its most backwards and cult origins. My good friend Marcus from Germany gave me these tapes a year or so ago along with a couple of BACKWATER L.P.'s (maybe I'll post them later)and I was beyond psyched to get my hands on these original cassettes. Thank you Marcus! First up is the "Skitzo demo no#2".let me say that all of this sounds like it was recorded on a boom box at a friends house and they cant really even play the songs or this is some kind of avant-retard art project, either way this is a complete noise barrage of Rocking thrash. Now thats not to say I don't like it, because I do, in fact love it.
This one of my favorite thrash demos that I have found. First song on this one is "Thrashifice", a great song that totally lives up to its title. Then to the teenage metal brutality of "Love butcher", another banging confuser. I love all the guitar buzz and solos on this one and the lines "All hells break...Armageddon!", just awesome. Next is "Insane empire", this one actually sounds a little better than the other, but still they can barely hold this nightmare together. I mean this drummer really needs some practice. This one has some more awesome moaning solo's and ridiculous metal lyrics. What a demo.
Next we got the "Wrathrage demo". The sound on this one is a little better, but not much. The band has however tightened up a bit and are presenting flare. The vocals are better and the lyrics aren't so obviously bad. First track is "Race with the devil" shows the band thrashing out once again this time a little heavier though. Next on "Oger" they slow it down a bit and the song has a few more parts. On to "House of dementia" maybe the best track on this one, I love the breakdown in this one and the drummer even attempts double bass in the intro,Wow! Last on this one "Insane empire(live)", A horrid live recording of what almost sounds like music. This is obviously not really live, since the crowd goes nuts constantly through this one, pretty funny shit. This came with a little catalog of shit you could order straight from the band, I would kill some one for one of those shirts.
Last but not least is the classic "Mosh til mush" demo. I think this one has a really awesome cover and the whole cassette package is cool. This shows the guys really getting it together. The composition's are alot more complex and the playing is 100% better. However some of the charm is lost in the process. This is a killer demo though, the vocals have become much more serious sounding and the guitar and drums are actually playing together and their getting more horror obsessed by this point also, The first track "Leatherface" is probably the heaviest track and pretty memorable. Next is "When there's no more room in hell" which I like best, the part in the lyrics where he says "To the Zombies!!!, just ,kills me, this is great track with lots of weird guitars going on and weird background noise. Next we got "Satan's slave" another thrasher, very entertaining and then the doomy epic "Wasteland", I really liked this one too, very heavy and the vocals kill! Now go forth and MOSH TILL MUSH!
2.Love butcher
3.Insane empire
1.Race with Death
3.House of Deminita
4.Insane Empire (live SF)
2.when theres no more room in hell the dead shall walk the earth.
3.satans grave

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