Friday, July 31, 2009


Man what a great Speed metal demo, these dudes are full energy on this low budget attempt. The sound quality is just like I like it ,shitty! Formed in 1982 and still active, ADX released several albums but this demo is best I think, however the album they made right after this demo called "Execution" is killer also. The lyrics here are in french, which I think sounds cool, but it doesn't really matter because this is just so upbeat. This music sounds like it was alot of fun to play and reminds me of "The Upcoming Mayhem" demo by a band called DEVASTATION. Every song here jams and they play great. This is just one of those tapes that really delivers some great rocking thrash with a heavy NWOBHM influence, certainly some DIAMOND HEAD / IRON MAIDEN admiration going on sometimes. My favorites here are "Deesse du crime", "Caligula" and "Le fleau de dieu". Get this, you wont regret it.

2.deesse du crime
6.le fleau de dieu

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