Saturday, July 11, 2009


Here's some stuff that's still pretty unknown, but I do think people are starting to come around to them. Formed in 1979, these fellows were kicking around for quite some time before their debut album "Dum Dum Bullet". They first kicked off on the vinyl front around 1983 with the self produced single "Emmène Moi En Enferin". Starting the single off with the title track,this comes off as quite a wild affair,the drums and bass are straight forward,fast and pretty punk. The vocals are pretty ruff and tough and sung in French by bassist Jimmy Heudes. The guitar sounds a little MOTERHEAD-ish at times and guitarist Jean-Luc Davy can solo pretty damn good for this to be there first single. After this these dude released a demo in 83 and 85, also stopping along the way for the 1984 Sully's/Loire Rock compilation featuring their track "Get down".
Now after 6 0r 7 seven years of being a band these guys finally get around to releasing a full album and it's a damn good one. By this point the vocals duties have been handed to Francois Sorin who does a great job and also sings in English. I cant say enough about the power and energy that I hear in this album, their metal but they sing about rock 'n' roll, these dudes also look like a bunch of social misfits and that probably why this kicks so hard. Right out of the gate on the L.P. you get the song "Dum dum bullet" which just rips out of the speakers as a mixed up punk metal rock 'n' roll assault, I when bands have songs with their name in the title. Then they hit "Burning power" ,this has got to be one of the all time metal scorchers, I just want to get up and go crazy when this comes on, I mean it makes me nuts, I love this fucking track. On to "Smell of the night", "Sally" and "We are the virgins" all amazing blasters that build up to some pretty fucking metal vocal shit and guitars. Then these guys go right back down to the total dirt bag metal punk of "She' a bitch", this is another total rocker that always makes smile. The last two are also good, "Let you down" totally follows in the style already set up by the rest of the album, but "Down top love" really tries to throw on the rock radio movies for a split second before kicking back into the steamroller churn that is there sound.

I love that these guys were just trying to be a band and didn't try to identify themselves with a certain scene. That's always the best kinda band. I also included a bonus track that I found some where called "Hey mum , who's the junk?", while not there best track,you still need to hear because it rips. There's not a bad track on this album or single either and if you don't bang your head to this you need buy some indie rock and get the fuck out of here!

1.Dum dum bullet
2.Burning power
3.Smell of the night
5.We are the virgins
6.She's a bitch
7.Let you down
8.Down town love
Emmène Moi En Enfer 7''EP 83
1.Emmène Moi En Enfer
2.Rock Revolution
Plus bonus track
1.Hey Mum, Who's The Junk (Clip TV FR3 Le Mans 1985)

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