Friday, July 3, 2009


I really don't know shit about these dudes,I had only read about this single in the NWOBHM encyclopedia. Once I finally got to hear it I was amazed. Its pretty common for a record this rare to get over hypeed due to it's obscure nature,but this one really delivered. Formed in the U.K. in 1980, they should have been in on the ground floor of the whole movement. The songs on the single are both very well written and played with that exact British metal feeling you crave from the early 80's selections. This was produced by Les Hunt from DEMON and you can maybe hear a little DEMON influence creeping in. I cant begin to understand why these guys didn't get farther. The are surely better than the bulk of bands on there level at the time. There is acertain early Metallica demo feeling happening here and I wonder if Lars has this one in his collection, what am I saying, sure he does. This is right at the perfect time where metal was coming into it's own but still had a huge hard rock influence going on. I wish these guys had at least made a proper album, but until one floats to the surface,this is all we got. There is a bootleg out there of this single,but it might cost you just as much as the really one. Good luck, now go give it a listen!

Reincarnate-Take It Or Leave It 7" 1982
1.Take It Or Leave It
2.Metal In Disguise
Demo, Self Released1981
1.Into The Night
2.Man On The Hill
3.Save Me From The Darkness

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