Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well I searched for this album forever and it was totally worth it, rivaling the sounds of Bobby "Boris" Pickett and Zacherle himself. This is a monster music landmark. It contains one of the all time greatest songs in monster music,"Riboflavin flavored, non carbonated poly-unsaturated blood". This song is fucking amazing ,as are the rest of the tracks on this album. You may have heard a great version of "Riboflavin flavored" by 45 GRAVE many years ago. That how I first heard this song and had no idea who had recorded it first or that there was an entire album out there just waiting to be found. Somewhere on my quest to get as much Halloween and horror related music as possible I came back across the slice of graveyard genius. There is also a single for the a couple of songs from this album, pictured here. It unfortunate that not that much horror related Don Hinnson music out there, this is one of his only few haunts in the horror jukebox. His other music is all parody based and some of it is pretty funny, but none of it can touch this shit!


1.Monster mash

2.The monster jerk

3.Do the rigormortis

4.Robbin graves

5.Werewolf watusi

6.Monster swim

7.Riboflavin flavored

8.Phantom of the a go go

9.Monster dance party

10.Little ol'graverobber me

11.Home in the castle east

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