Tuesday, July 7, 2009


What you have here is a real document of pure rock 'n' roll punk fever. The school bullies live at the Moonlight club in West Hampstead, You don't see or hear bands like this anymore. Of course The school bullies were just another name for The Damned in case you had some questions. In the late seventies The Damned played out under several different names like The Doomed and Les Punks, but on this particular night they were The school bullies and someone just happened to record it, thankfully. This album is on fire with white hot energy from the very start,first with"Teenage dream" a hands down punk classic, then to "Stretcher case" another fantastic lost Damned gem, into a crazy cover "ballroom blitz" other Damned classics like "Born to kill", the metallic "Melody lee" and over the top take on MC5's "Looking at you".This is the best Damned live document out there and one of the top 3 Damned albums in my personal opinion.
1. Teenage Dream
2. Stretcher Case
3. Ballroom Blitz
4. Problem Child
5. Melody Lee
6. Born To Kill
7. Suicide
8. Looking At You

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