Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WITCH CROSS 1983 (denmark)

Here's a real rocker, very NWOBHM-ish stuff. Formed in 1979 in Copenhagen Denmark, but split up sometime after 1986. This, their first and only single is a really solid piece of heavy rock. The first track "Are you there" is just killer,high energy rock. A really great track that will please any NWOBHM fan. The b-side is the less than classic "No angel" ,while not as good as the a-side its still a good tune and as good as most this kind of stuff. These guys only studio album "Fit for fight" was recorded by Henrik Lund ,the same guy that engineered the first two MERCYFUL FATE albums. Though not perfect its a pretty good album that You check out if you like this single.These guys did a couple of demos during their short run, I don't have them so if anyone does ,please let me know

1.are you there
2.no angel


  1. these guys are great. Its easy to tell that they had the same producer as Fate. I still need this 7"


  2. This blog is great. Was directed here by our mutual friend, Mike Desert. Anyhoo, I posted the amazing Witch Cross album here on my spot if you are interested. I am also linking to your site because it is ruling.




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