Friday, July 24, 2009

AXATAK - AXATAK EP 1985 (Australia)

Formed in 1983 and split after 1985, these Aussie metalers were obvious KISS fans ,but this doesn't really sound like KISS , it does sound American though and this is certainly in the classic metal vein. Apparently the singer(Andy Zouman R.I.P. 1993) for this band later became a hardcore christian and denounced his activities in AXATAK, going as far as making a low budget pseudo documentary about satanism in metal music called ""The Mermaids, The Mysteries of Music (Satanism in Rock Music)" . What the fuck is with that title? The movie draws the conclusion that rock music was the work of Satan, to which I agree thankfully! However I'm not sure how much our infernal master had to do with this, because this piece of wax is not very evil, in fact some might might say it is even positive at times. The first track is "Shock rock" a decent opener and it lays down the formula they will use on most of the songs, except "You", which Id advise you skip all together and "Night fighter" which is a faster number and my fave on here, this one is more metal than the rest and has some great solo's. Over all this could be alot better, but still I like it. Give it a listen for hell's sake.

1.Shock Rock
3.Let the Beast Run Wild
4.Live Out Your Dreams
5.Night Fighter

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