Friday, July 17, 2009


This is pretty horrid, but in a good way. Darkness drenches ever corner of this demo, atmosphere abound! But it's really more about Roberta "Morgana" Delaude's vocals, which to be honest sounded like Larry May(Candy Snatchers) to me at first. Anyone who is a CANDY SNATCHERS fan will hear the resemblance immediately. Otherwise this is almost thrash but still in the classic metal vein. I love the basement sound of this demo and the overall lack of quality here, really makes for something special. When the guitarist (Claudio Dauducco) hit the first solo's ,I really wondered if they could pull it back together and they did...sort of. This has a cool horror vibe to all the songs and even some weird keyboards are used here and there. The music goes from fast pace to doom pace and back again, my favorites being "Were fire", a fast rocker that threatens to fall apart at any moment and "Behind my eyes" which is the most metal track here by far and it's another fast one. "Lost angel" is also good but I like the other two better. The fact is that I just love this chicks vocals, very different and unique to say the least. She went own to form here own band called MORGANA, which I also liked and the guys went on to JESTER BEAST, This prime demo shit get it now!
1.Were fire
2.Lost angel
3.Behind my eyes

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