Sunday, July 12, 2009


This manic German band were formed in 1979 , pretty close to the beginning of the euro metal explosion and these dudes certainly had their hearts in the right place. They must have been huge SCORPIONS fans ,because this sounds a hell of alot like certain material from the German gods. I bought this in the late 90's when I was on the road, I think it was in a used record store in Denver and I really only bought it because of the cover and back photo. On this album they have an almost SPINAL TAP look to them and so does the cover, I mean that in the best possible way. I love this type cover and it reminds me of shit like the first METAL CHURCH, SAVAGE GRACE's "Master of disguise" album or EXCITER's "violence and force" cover. I really was psyched to get it. Once I finally got somewhere that I could listen to it, I almost shit my brain! Starting off with "Heavy metal queen"a metal masterpiece with an infectious chorus that I cant get out of my head sometimes, to the killer "Rockstar", another metal stomper that has a total Scorp-vibe happening. The next up "Children of illusion", "Glasshouse" and the heavy ass "SLD" pack a headbanger punch. Then we get the fucking uber classic "Shock power", I cant say enough about this track,this is another one that I have putting on comp tapes for years. "Burn your lies", "Sensation" and "Storm and thunder" all rock out hard and over all this is a very solid piece of vinyl. They have some other good albums too, but later changed their name to TRANSMISSION and made a few albums and then changed back to TRANCE then back to TRANSMISSION again when they reunited. Geez enough already. This just further proves my SPINAL TAP theory. So get it already!
If you guys like this one, maybe I will upload there other albums,well see I guess!
1.heavy metal queen
3.children of illusion
6.shock power
7.burn your lies
9.storm and thunder


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