Friday, July 3, 2009


OK, I don't think it will shock anyone who knows me how much I love these albums. Fabio Frizzi is a fucking genius for sure! First off let me say that all three of these soundtracks and the movies that they are from are some of my all time favorites,in fact "City of the living dead" aka "Gates of hell" is my no.2 all time favorite horror movie, second only to "Return of the living dead".
This movie stopped me dead in my tracks when I was a kid. I first rented it at Star video in Stanford,Ky when I was around 12 or 13. My mom worked nights and I was allowed to rent whatever I wanted,which was always horror. This was one of the first movies to really weirded me out,I hadn't even seen shit like "Suspiria" yet so this might have been my first real Italian horror movie. I think one if the things that got me was the tone of the movie and the fact that it didn't make any fucking sense what so ever. The raining maggots scene and gut puking scene in "City"still make me smile to this day. Lucky for me the video store let me have the movie poster which hung on the door of my room at my moms house until it burned in 2001. Alright, enough about the movies. If you haven't seen them ,get off you ass right now and watch all three or never call yourself a horror fan again. Now these soundtracks are damn near perfect in my opinion.
They work very well in the films and work even better when you listen to the albums. Starting with city of the living dead,this is a uber downer of a record,the way Fabio uses the choirs and voices is unbeleivable.The tone andatmosphere on this one is so heavy and down trodden that you feel a sense of absolute depression right from the start.All the tracks feel unearthly and sepulchral.
Next up is"Zombie",though this movie is not perfect,awesome but not perfect. The soundtrack is a masterpiece, The music fits prefect over all the scene,but again is better as an album. Some of the riffs on this one are beyond doom and gloom. Almost funeral music at times,again the choir and voices do alot of work.Sometimes these albums feel like a more affluent GOBLIN, the music is in the same vein but the vocals make a big difference. These two are on pair with anything GOBLIN has ever done.
Now as for the beyond soundtrack,I love it too but it reminds me of the turn GOBLIN took on "Suspiria" It's a much mellower affair and the whole thing quieter and more relaxed than the other two mentioned here.It also on plays on a couple of different themes that ind of wear on the listener.Still this is amazing album with some very creepy moments that match the movie perfectly.
If you feel like making musical love to the dead, these three will be the perfect soundtrack!


  1. AWESOME ! always wanted to hear this , since i heard the cover on morte macabres symphonic holocaust album , thanks!

  2. Thank you soooo much for all this! I have put a link on my Facebook and Myspace profiles. I'm also starting a blog and will get more people to this awesome blog!

  3. Awesome soundtracks.
    Can you fix lucio fulci's zombie soundtrack, when i extract this ost i get a weird error on track 27.

  4. Hi i been trying to dl these for a while now,but all links seems to be down...Could you pls upload them again? Greetings from Cape Town!!



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