Thursday, July 2, 2009


I Downloaded this somewhere quite along time ago and didn't listen to it at first, mainly because of the picture of these guys that was included and now pictured here.Dont get me wrong I like some glam metal and glam rock (the older stuff anyway), but these dudes do look pretty lame so who could blame me.I did the same thing with HEAVY PETTIN and boy was I ever wrong because this E.P. is fucking steller dude.From the first song "Suicidal flight" I was hooked,the riffs are awesome and a little weird.The vocals are way over the top high pitched metal wailing.This dude is way off key sometimes but it's so nutty that it really makes this a cool sounding record. It's hard to believe the guys in this picture played this shit. It's not that it's really hardcore or anything,this is just good solid classic metal with alot of originality which is what Im always looking for. If your just really into thrash and fast stuff,you might not dig this so much, as all the songs are pretty mid-tempo type shit. There is a certain JUDAS PRIEST vibe in some of the songs and maybe a little QUEENSRYCHE thrown in also, but not nearly as pompus. I took the time to also include they're demo, which is also pretty good but very low sound quility so skip to e.p. first and if you like it go back and check out the demo. I think they were once called GENGIS KHAN but changed they're name before these recordings, Im not sure. None the less this E.P. is classic metal all the way, The kind they just dont make anymore!
DEMO 1984
1.Axton pryte

1.Suicidal flight
2.Warriors of the wind
3.Eternal recital
4.Catch the wind

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