Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SOGGY 78-82 (fra)

This one reminds me of alot of things, SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE ,MC5 and the STOOGES, but all in small amounts. There is alot going on here to say the least. This does sound like it could be from the early seventies in a way and if you had told me that when I first heard it, I would have probably believed it. The whole band really kicks up a storm here and all the songs are strong, but the best thing about this is probably Patrick "Beb" Bertrand wacko vocals, like if Rob Tyner and Iggy Pop fucked and had a baby that smoked alot of crack and was mildly retarded. Sounds great right? Well it is. Sadly, I really couldn't find much out about these French weirdos. But there's a great clip on YouTube of them that you must see if you dig this record, but other info seems to be scarce . This is a must hear for those who love it raw and I think anyone who likes early metal, punk or heavy rock will dig this one, if anyone has more info please, let me know.

SOGGY 78-82
1. 47 Chromosomes
2. Lay Down a Lot
3. I Feel Top of the World
4. Cellulitis is the Top of the Shepeless Body
5. Down the Shops
6. I Wanna Be Your Dog Face
7. Waiting for the War
8. Cursed Boy
9. Slider
10. Let's Go Together
11. Lost my Brain

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  1. After obsessing over the "Waiting For the War" video on youtube this past year or two I finally got this reissue last month. So good...



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