Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BOBBY SOXX single 1981(US)

What a fucking classic piece of punk vinyl, these KILLED BY DEATH style monsters really kick it down hard on this and what about those fucking vocals! Cant say I know very much about this one though. First track is "Hate in the 80's" and its a fist pumping scorcher. Mid paced angry punk with some mean off kilter vocals by Bobby Soxx. He was later in The TEENAGE QUEERS and STICK MEN WITH RAYGUNS btw. Next is my personal favorite "Scavenger of death", this one is a bit slower and kind of heavy even. Again the vocals really make this. The over all sound quality is great and I love the way the drums and guitars sound, very punk but with balls.This deserves alot more attention and any fan of classic punk should dig this, so if you haven't heard it get it now, fucking amazing.

1.hate in the 80"s
2.scavenger of death


  1. unbelievably awesome punk EP! the first time i ever heard this i almost shit myself! the songs are a bit repetitive with about 2 riffs per song. same thing with TEENAGE QUEERS and STICKMEN WITH RAYGUNS, but don't let that turn you away from it. it's truely amazing!!! the riffs, the lyrics and the attitude are a total kick to the fuckin' head! ...and from what i've heard about Bobby Soxx he was a total maniac! DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!

  2. Newly released Live Bobby Soxx and the Teenage Queers:



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