Friday, July 31, 2009


A novelty classic by Mr. Sheldon Allman, an actor who just happen to record this and some TV theme songs like"Let's make a deal" and the amazing "George of the jungle". I wanted this one for awhile and it was almost worth it, all these tracks are done in a Bela Lugosi type voice, also some in a Peter Lorre voice. This reminds me of the Bob McFadden stuff, what with all the voice work. This of course is reminiscent of the Gene Moss album I posted recently. It's not the best monster music album I have heard, but it's still worth a good listen. His version of "Amongst My Souvenirs" and the bizarre "Childern's day at the morgue",which is sung in a more normal voice , have to be the highlights. Enjoy monster fiends.

1. These Ghoulish Things Behind Me Are You
2. A Coffin For Sale
3. Don't Maim Me
4. D.O.A. (The Day My Heart Stood Still)
5. Amongst My Souvenirs
6. They Can't Take That
7. Children's Day At The Morgue
8. That Old Old Old Feeling
9. Oh You Voo Doo Doo Doll
10. I Don't Stand A Chance With A Ghost
11. This Can't Be Blood
12. Fangs For The Memory


  1. Chilled out jazzy horror, this was great!!! Thanks!

  2. Lovely, great, amazing and all... thanks :)



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