Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Another classic texas band. This demo blew me away! Totally awesome thrash with awesome
guitars and very unique vocals.Sometime this guy(Chris Orloski) reminds me of a more metal Mike Muir in the best possiable way,not in the funky kinda way. Make no mistake this is pure old school thrash. The Playing is kinda sloppy at times and the songs all have a punky "were all still learning" type feel,sorta like old DESTRUCTION ,which I love! Sometimes the drums drop out and the guitars seperate,but there are some really cool tempo changes and vocal shit goin on here and some very creative riffs for sure. Some of this reminds me of the first DEVASTATION demo also,which I might post at a later time. The solo's are Pretty awesome,very off the cuff type shit that just kills.The whole thing just lends itself to a very energetic and upbeat metal demo feeling. "Rampant corpse" is Probally my favorite track if I had to pick one. Jam this shit loud as hell in your Malibu classic and bang your fucking head!
1.Peter the hermit
2.Empyrean vision
3.Rampant corpse
4.Task force

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  1. from your review it has to be good ,can u reupload it ?



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