Saturday, July 18, 2009


Anyone who actually knows me will tell you that I love GOBLIN, since I was a kid I was enamoured with this music. Of course I had heard it playing in several classic Italian horror films and it took me a few years before I figured out who they were, but once I did, I had to have everything they put out, which I do, I think. I also went through a major Dario Argento phase, like most horror nerds and salivated over ever inch of film the man layed down. Now while my love for Argento films never died , It certainly wained over the years while he cranked out a handful of crappers. Through it all my love of GOBLIN stayed true. However after seeing the last one(Argento film) and his Masters of horror episodes, I think hes back with a vengeance. I will spare you a history of this great band because if you are a fan, you probably already know all this shit, the movies, the albums and what happened to them and if you don't ,stop reading and download this now. I am posting this for my good friend Brian Omer, who likes alot of horror soundtrack stuff, but hasn't heard GOBLIN(I'm actually sure that he has,but just didn't know it). I was going to post all the albums that I have but then I remembered this little compilation that I had bought years ago,so here it is. I might post some of the full albums later if people are interested,we'll see! So for now....Hey Brian this ones for you!


  1. Ah man, I love Goblin but their stuff can be hard to find... Cheers for all those!
    Yea, I'm very interested in more

  2. yes, please god post more.

  3. long last I have my GOBLIN fixx..THANK YOU!!!



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