Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Heres a raging cacophony of thrash metal madness. I'm pretty sure these guys practiced all summer long just to make this tape in there garage. CLASSIC!. My favorite thing about this has got be the vocals,which most of the time are pure thrash but sometimes slip in to a very cartoonish demon voice. They just push this beyond being a reasonable band. I love totally it. Songs like "Blessed is he" and "Mayhemic destruction" and "Violence is golden" slam and slash there way across the brain like a hot dagger and again the vocals are so amateur that they are genius. The music here is pretty classic break neck thrash with pretty distorted raunchy guitars and bass. The drumming on this is probably the weak link, sometimes it lends a certain garage band charm, but most of the time I just wish the guy was better. That however does not stop this from totally kicking ass. This is pretty raw,garage thrash type shit and not for all tastes. The lyrics are you typical thrash and slash type subject matter and some really off the map solo's. I think this will make most old metal fans smile. Also do not miss the outro called "Graveyard part 1",its priceless and made me love this that much more.
1.Blessed is he
2.Burning marrow
3.Mayhemic destruction
5.Violence is Golden
6. Thy saviours blood
8.Graveyard part 1

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  1. This is awesome!!!! Thank you for this, definitely my cup o' tea.



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