Thursday, July 9, 2009


Here's a great post apocalyptic soundtrack by Walter Rizzatti to Enzo G.Castillari's grind house epic 1999: Bronx Warriors. Theses dudes cranked out several of these future cheapies during the late 70's and early 80's and they all feature cool soundtracks. But sometimes its obvious that the recording quality was much higher than the quality of the film it was made for. The opening track lurches on the scene with some heavy synth and drums as a Pink Floyd-ish guitar works a nuclear landscape for all its worth. This perfectly sets up the tone of the film. There are slight hints Goblin, ELP and at times maybe a little Hawkwind even. This is still distinctly Italian stuff, Not to many of these bands/artists manage to stand out and still fit the movie, but this guy does it very well. There are several different guitar sounds going on here from kinda funky to almost heavy. Through in some heavy percussion, flutes, choirs and a ton of bass and you have a very strong soundtrack. That pounds out abandonment and loss in fatal future!

The opening credits to this Enzo G. Castellari cheese classic are some of the coolest images put to celluloid, This movie steals shamelessly from a few sources mainly Escape from New York and The Warriors, but don't let that fool you its a really cool movie on its own. Enzo made several good flicks including Inglorious bastards, The Violent breed and also Escape from the Bronx and Warriors of the wasteland all of which are Which are the bookends to this trilogy.


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