Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well here we have a killer bootleg of the pre-ELF band THE ELVES, featuring maybe the greatest metal vocalist alive Mr.Ronnie James Dio. This is some classic stuff, its alot like the first ELF album,but heavier. To say I am a DIO fan is an understatement, there is very little material he has recorded that I didn't like, I even dug the 50's doowop type shit(has anyone else out there heard this?). So of course I liked this bootleg, but that's not the point. This stands on its own, outside of DIO fandom. The first song here is "The Scramblers" and its fucking amazing, I was totally knocked out when I first heard it. I jammed it every day for at least 2 weeks and even took the time to email it to my closer friends. To say the least it had a lasting effect. Next is "Driftin" a slow burner that's actually a pretty heavy tune. Next is their stab at JETHRO TULL's "Aqualung", which is very good. I had heard ELf do this on the "War pigs 74" bootleg, which was maybe a little better and sounds alot cleaner, but still it's a damn good version here. Next is "36 year old lady" a bluesy rocker with someone else on vocals, I'm not sure who, so maybe this is DIO too, but I just cant see it. Then we got "Mountain Venus", now this one sounds alot more like ELF, with the more boogie feel, still totally infectious and catchy none the less. Now to "Simple sister" this is the second heaviest track on here, another guitar driven rocker, kind of like "Nevermore" from the first ELF record. Last is the freak rock epic "The Rape of Andre Lucia", This one is far out there man! I don't dig it as much as the others, even though it's almost scary at times,ha ha. Not all the songs are amazing, but a few of them are and the rest are very good and worth the listen for sure. Since this is a bootleg, the sound is not the best. But its great compared to most of the bootleg stuff that I own. Any fan of heavy rock music should appreciate this. Really great stuff.

Live at the beacon 1971

1.the scramblers
4.36 year old lady
5.mountain venus
6.simple sister
7.the rape of andre lucia


  1. thanks for the link, I've been looking for it for a while

  2. Link is dead, could you please reupload?



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