Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here's another one I really don't know that much about, formed in 1980 and split around 1988. This band at one time featured guitarist Mikael "Mike Wead" Wikström (Mercyful fate,King diamond, Candlemass, Abstract algebra, Momento mori and Hexanhaus) the rest of the guys seemed to go on to HEXANHAUS after the break up. This is another one with an awesome photo cover, like I mentioned before I love this fucking style cover. Let's see hear, first we've got "The barbarian" ,a rather heavy creeper with the title being slung out at each break in a great Swedish accent, also this track has a cool solo and was made for some good old fashioned headbanging. This one is actually pretty heavy at times and plodding like some of the other bands that Mike Wead went on to. Next is "Ripper attack" which almost rides the NWOBHM line, not quite though .Its a bit thrashy though, but I really like the "Ripper" theme of the song (big surprise I'm sure) even if the lyrics are rather cheesy. The solo in this one is kind of shrill but effective. All together this is a good single, not prefect but good.I didnt like it as much at first, but know it has grown on me. They also have an album called "Merchants in metal" that was maybe a little better than this single and is closer to thrash than classic metal. It sounds a little better but doesn't have this kind of energy. So check this out already you roop scoop!
1.the barbarian
2.ripper attack

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