Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well in case you wonder where I got the title of this blog, give this little ditty a spin.John Zacherle is easily the king of all horror hosts, I don't care what anyone has to say about it. With that said I have only seen a handful of footage of those classic shows, mostly due to a DVD that came a few years ago. Anyway what really got me into Mr.Zacherle was his music. When I was very young , maybe in 2nd or 3rd grade we had a Halloween party at school. Somehow, I don't know how I got a copy of a single with the classic "The witchdoctor" by David Seville on one side and "Dinner with drac" by John Zacherle on the other. I have asked my mom and dad a million times how I that single (hoping they would slip up and finally tell me) but still to this day I have no idea. None the less I loved it to death, in fact I remember the day it broke in half and was never to be played again. Back to the story, I of course took the record to school and played it at the Halloween party and it went over great.We awkwardly danced around to the weird sounds and lyrics of a Halloween classic. I believe this moment had a profound effect on me and forever made me a fan of "The Cool Ghoul" and horror music. Too this day I only know a handful of people who love horror music as much as I do. Anyway many years passed by and I lost track of Zacherle, Only thinking about him when he might pop up in old horror mag I bought or something, always vowing to get all his music if I could find it, Which I rarely did. I did however locate a few tracks on one of those old K-TEL collections called "Funny bone". But that was about it. Then one day at a flee market in southern Indiana, I was flipping through some crusty old vinyl like I always do and I found a copy of this fantastic album. I have only had a few experiences like this in my life,you know one of those moments where you actually get something you really want and can't believe you could be so lucky! If only we all had more days like that. I reminder buying an arm full of records that day , but I cant remember any of them because my mind was 100% on ol' Zach. When I got home I had to clean the record before playing it,which almost drove me insane. Finally I let it spin and suddenly out came the wonderfully morbid sounds of "Dinner with drac", every time I hear it I feel just a little better. Zacherle has several other albums like "Spook along with Zacherle" , "Scary tales" and "Monster mash party"and all of them are good, but this one is tops for sure. I will try to post them all around Halloween this year if I get a chance. Just so you know this is not the original "Monster mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett, which is also totally awesome. This is Zach's reworking of that track(though not as good as the original)plus 9 other knock off type horror parody classics. So get out of your crypt and check this one out you bunch zombies!......Oh yeah I almost forgot....Goodnight whatever you are!

1.monster mash
2.hurry bury baby
3.the mummy twist
6.the pistol stomp
7.dinner with drac
8.do the ha,ha,ha
9.the bat
10.weird watusi

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  1. Thanks for the LP and the interesting story. I had this one when I was a kid; glad to have it again.



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