Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Not to much I can say about this one except I like it. Formed in 1986 and split in 1991. Self released in 1989, this seems to be their only piece of vinyl and not a bad one at that. Here we are again with some great female vocals, this time by Coco Laross, very reminiscent of Doro Pesch and some WARLOCK material, which must admit I love. That said this is not as good as any of the early Doro stuff, but it will still do the trick. I of course love the pseudo satanic lyrics, sometimes they just really make this old records better. Which reminds me, my friend Noel is always getting on to me about the satan shtick, that it's worn out and used up(and that I use it way to much in my own songs), but I don't really see it that way. To me it's just a part of metal and metal has to be evil! If metal's not from the devil then I want no part of it. People always try to make the argument that BLACK SABBATH weren't really evil and that the just talked about evil, while this may be true , no one would have gave a shit about them if they hadn't thought they were so damn EVIL! Now let me just say that I don't believe in the devil in the least, but I still like to hear satanic declaration's to the evil master SATAN in my metal! OK I'm really off track and rambling on this one. Check this out for some headbanging fun with some cool female vocals!

Return of the beast EP 1989
1.Our Rights
2.The Ritual
3.United Power
4.The Return of the Beast
5.Piece of Action
6.Liberty For all

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