Friday, July 10, 2009


OK I have already mentioned my passion for female singers and this is no exception.The vocals on this won me over on the first listen. This is German I think and it sounds like it, very plodding drums and heavy guitar with GIRLSCHOOL meets early WARLOCK type vocals. This isn't fast but it is kinda heavy and the lyrics are sort of mysterious, as in I don't always understand them. My favorite on here would easily be "The revolutioner's grave", I don't know what this one is about but, it's a classic cut and the rest of this E.P. is killer also. I have no idea what became of them, but this is there only release that I know about and although this is from 1990 which is little out of my range for classic metal it still features a classic metal performance for total metal heads, give it a spin!
1.Revolutioner's grave
2.Rock 'n' roll
3.Livin without love
4.Heavy metal

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