Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TRIARCHY - SAVE THE KHAN single 1979 + METAL MESSIAH single 1981 (uk)

Formed around 1979 in Kent and split in 1983, this was a pretty short lived concern for sure, but these records speak volumes. A hard mix of 70's heavy rock and punk energy make this prime NWOBHM. First up the "Save the khan" single in 1979. The keyboard intro to "Save the khan" threw me at first and I thought I might not dig it that much, but it has a certain neanderthal charm to it and I ended liking the keyboards after all. With lyrics that almost remind of BAD NEWS. The b-side "Juliet's tomb" is good but not great, these guys just didn't have it completely nailed down yet. But then comes the "Metal messiah" single and I really love this one, again we have keyboards at the beginning of the first track "Metal messiah", but when the fire kicks in, it's alot hotter. The lyrics to this one are kind funny also and The title says it all really! The main riff to this one is really awesome and heavy with some cool churning drums And some great NWOBHM style vocals. Next we got "Sweet alcohol", again the lyrics here are totally awesome and again the title really puts it best. There are some cool slide guitars in this one that surprised me, but they sound great and really add to the song. The last one on this is "Hell hound on my trail", a heavy bluesy metal stomper with that SABBATH / PRIEST gallop to it, a great fucking track. This is kind of quirky at times and might not please everyone, but if you like WITCHFINDER GENERAL or some of the more stoner-esque NWOBHM bands then get this. With only a mere 500 copies pressed, I doubt your gonna find this one at the corner shop, but they did put out a best of compilation in 2007 called 'Live to fight again'. So give it a listen and see what you think.

1.Save The Khan
2.Juliet's Tomb
1.Metal Messiah
2.Sweet Alcohol
3.Hellhound On My Trail


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