Sunday, July 12, 2009


Goddamn this is a great fucking album! I had seen their name and picture before, but hadn't heard this album. So finally I came across it a few years ago and it's been in heavy rotation ever since. Man what a classic, this is a real statement of an album. Here's a band so totally caught in between glam rock, punk and the oncoming metal movement. Formed in 1976 these guys were on the tale end of the glam era, complete with full make up, costumes and theatrics out the ass, but packing a wallop unlike any of there contemporaries. The music featured here is at all times original, sure sometimes there are hints of ALICE COOPER and other heavy rock acts, plus punk bands from that time, but that's where it stops. Originality is the one of best things this record has going for it, from their look to their sound, I cant think of a band that is like them. No one can be completely original but this is closer than most. Clive Jones vocals really ride the punk line on songs like the classic single "Rabies is a killer" and the drop dead rocker "Sally of Leicester". While other tracks like "Never never land" and "White stick" come off totally sophisticated and well read.There is not a bad track on this album, which is something I rarely find and it will appeal to people into hard rock, heavy metal or punk. The guitars are heavy in classic rock / punk way and the drums and bass are very solid and unique. The subject matter here goes from cartoonish ridiculousness to theatrical and doomy. There are some many reasons why this is great and there all probably the same reasons they never got anywhere. Record companies hate original bands, unless they already sold a bunch of records on their own. Real rock 'n' roll never wins!
Do yourself a favor and get this one now!

To Never never land!
1.Rabies is a Killer
2. Never Never Land
3. Venus Fly Trap
4. Feelmazumba
5. Nursery Chrymes
6. Vodka
7. White Stick
8. Sally of Leicester
9. I Want to Touch You
10. Golden Shower Passer
11. I Can


  1. Got this and never could get into it. I dig Feelmazumba and a couple other tracks are ok, but overall I think I would almost rather listen to Clive's Black Widow stuff. I read a pretty informative blog entry on these guys a few months back here:

    watch the video for "rabies is a killer" here

    Sounds like something I would totally love on paper, but the songs just don't translate for me.....

  2. mike I cant believe you dont like sally of leicester!



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