Friday, July 24, 2009


Here's some killer punk for you. Fronted by Screaming Mad George, special F/X artist on such films as,Bride of the Re animator, Society, Nightmare on Elm street part 4 and Children of the corn part 3. THE MAD are truly mad and were said to put on a hell of a gory show. This is some strange punk shit for sure. This outfit played shows with THE MISFITS and BAD BRAINS and various other groups of the time and still have somewaht of a cult following. The vocals go from run of the mill punk to the tortured almost ACUSSED style wails, the guitars are total punk ,as well as the bass and drums, but this shit is very well played and Its obvious this wasn't your average punk band. The music is very unique and all over the place, but not in a shitty jazzy way or some shit. This is punk, start to finish. It reminds me at times of the PAGANS and some GERMS stuff. This includes their classic cut "I hate music", which should have all you up out of your seats! Not a bad cut on here, this is the reissue on CD and includes a live set from C.B.G.B's, give it a spin.

1.I Hate Music
3.The Mad (Theme)
4.The Hand
6.I Wanna Be A Devil
7.Fried Egg
8.The Hell
+ Live At C.B.G.B.'s New York

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